New LEDs in our lamppost units


Watts and watts of them. In order to keep in line with increasingly pressing environmental concerns, City Ads has recently completed the installation of light-emitting diode (LED) lights to the iconic lamppost units. These have been fitted to replace the existing, traditional fluorescent tube lighting. This installation has been assisted with support and grant funding from the Leeds City Region … Read More

AdminNew LEDs in our lamppost units

Digital Marketing Trends 2020 (for small businesses)


A Year in Search Data Google’s annual ‘Year in Search’ report, which analyses billions of data points to determine what the most searched for terms of the year are, is a useful public tool.  In 2019, the UK’s top searches included The Rugby World Cup, Game of Thrones and Chernobyl.  One overarching theme can be pinpointed by looking at the … Read More

AdminDigital Marketing Trends 2020 (for small businesses)

Advertising Trends to Watch Out For in 2020


Out-of-home advertisements have the unique ability to stand out in a fragmented media circus, this is because of their ability to change, evolving to remain relevant, trusted and effective. The UK OOH industry was worth 1.25 billion in 2019, 49.9% of this was digital, with a 10.8% increase in spending on OOH media since 2017.  With the dawn of a … Read More

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The most important things to happen in OOH over the past decade


Piccadilly Circus – over a 100 year old advertising venue, goes digital. Owned by Landsec, the site has been through many changes in its history, making it much more than an advertising icon. It will forever be a landmark to be associated with the latest technological advances. 2. Payphone advertising disappears. As an unsurprising consequence in the increase in cellphone … Read More

AdminThe most important things to happen in OOH over the past decade

Creative Christmas Advertising


Christmas presents the opportunity for advertisers to bring out all the stops as they compete for shoppers attention, battling against one another to produce the most dazzling, enticing ads. Here are 11 of our favourites, featuring familiar festive tropes, creative christmas jokes and unusual looking baubles. Publicis Singapore Designer: Publicis Singapore Description: While advertising agencies may be busy creating adverts … Read More

AdminCreative Christmas Advertising

The Best Festive OOH Ad Campaigns


We are now well and truly on the way to Christmas. The month of December means it’s completely acceptable to don an embarrassing christmas jumper, belt out Buble & Mariah, and make mince pies and cinnamon flavoured coffee a morning staple.  As the festive spirit descends upon us, we are overwhelmed with advertising giants competing to impart as much festive … Read More

AdminThe Best Festive OOH Ad Campaigns

Alarming Ads, Bloodcurdling Billboards, Spooky Signs – Halloween Advertising that is Creeping it Real


Halloween has gained hugely in popularity in recent years. With ancient roots in European culture, it began as the Celtic festival of Samhain. Celtics would dress in scary costumes and dance around bonfires in order to ward off ghosts. The date – 31st October, also holds significance as it represents the end of summertime, where the days get shorter, darker … Read More

AdminAlarming Ads, Bloodcurdling Billboards, Spooky Signs – Halloween Advertising that is Creeping it Real

Strategic Media Mixing

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Combining Social Media with Out-of-Home Advertising to optimise your exposure potential. Data recently released by Route, the outdoor media analytics research company has reaffirmed that out-of-home advertising is the most wide reaching medium in Great Britain. This supports Facebook’s latest study into combining out-of-home advertising strategies with promotions on social media. By using an amalgamation of more traditional public (Billboard … Read More

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