The Best Interactive Billboard Ads


In the following examples, we’ve included a mixture of static, traditional and digital billboard ads, which take it to the next level in attempts to push user engagement. Expect interactive elements, pyrotechnics, loud noises, smartphone interaction and multi channel marketing techniques. Billboard Parking ‘Helpers’ Parking in busy, built-up suburban areas is a real challenge to the modern driver. To demonstrate … Read More

AdminThe Best Interactive Billboard Ads

A Brief History of the Modern Poster


We take a look back on how the modern poster revolutionised the advertising world. Travelling back to 19th century France where the invention of the Lithograph made mass production possible, through to the 21st century and the digitisation of poster art. Poster artwork continues to be an iconic, evolving, and collectable medium. 1880-1895 – The Birth of the Lithographic Poster … Read More

AdminA Brief History of the Modern Poster