Creative Christmas Advertising


Christmas presents the opportunity for advertisers to bring out all the stops as they compete for shoppers attention, battling against one another to produce the most dazzling, enticing ads. Here are 11 of our favourites, featuring familiar festive tropes, creative christmas jokes and unusual looking baubles. Publicis Singapore Designer: Publicis Singapore Description: While advertising agencies may be busy creating adverts … Read More

AdminCreative Christmas Advertising

Social Media is Drastically Changing


What does this mean for online advertising? Social media is drastically changing. Long running reports that social media applications are negatively affecting our mental health and warping ideas about reality has finally led to big changes. Up until now platforms have put all their efforts into boosting engagements at every opportunity, carefully crafting flashy public-facing like counts that make satisfying … Read More

AdminSocial Media is Drastically Changing