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Christmas presents the opportunity for advertisers to bring out all the stops as they compete for shoppers attention, battling against one another to produce the most dazzling, enticing ads.

Here are 11 of our favourites, featuring familiar festive tropes, creative christmas jokes and unusual looking baubles.

Publicis Singapore

Designer: Publicis Singapore

Description: While advertising agencies may be busy creating adverts for other companies, Publicis Singapore used its in house skills to promote its own services.

Here, the agency wishes consumers and clients a happy Christmas by creating a Christmas tree from a pencil shaving. The pencil features engraved text that reads, “Every good idea begins with a pencil”. Reducing the modern, high tech concept of marketing to its most basic, but essential form – the initial concept sketched on paper creates a sense of authenticity to the brand.

Picture: Courtesy of Publicis Singapore

Münchner Tafel

Designer: developed at Serviceplan, Munich, by creative director Christoph Everke, art director Alexander Nagel, copywriter Cosimo Möller, graphic designer Massimiliano Petrolli, and photographer Felix Holzer.

Description: Münchner Tafel ran a Christmas advertising campaign in Christmas 2006, encouraging members of the public to set aside basic foods for people in need in Munich. Christmas trees branches are shown holding a baubles made from cabbage, a slice of meat, onion and a potato.

Picture: Münchner Tafel


Designer: TBWA (Portugal)

Description: Portuguese agency TBWA created this clever, comical idea to promote a pre-Christmas sale at Ikea. The simple background paired with the traditional red and green colours create an ad that is true to its christmas theme without being too in your face.

Picture: Courtesy of TBWA

Quality Street

Designer: Quality Street

Description: There’s nothing like a tin of brightly wrapped chocolates to make you feel cosy at Christmas. With Quality Street being one of the most popular choices. Here, chocolates have been spread out on the floor to form the shape of a reindeer’s head, their scattered appearance makes it seem as though they formed this shape by magic.

Picture: Courtesy of Quality Street

Burti Graphics

Designer: Age Comunicacoes Sao Paulo

Description: One for the graphic designers; Burti Graphics used a green Pantone palette to create an abstract Christmas tree. As poster printers ourselves, we appreciate the aesthetic quality of the pantone shades.

Picture: Courtesy of Burti Graphics


Designer: Tide

Description: International laundry detergent brand Tide based its advert around how its product can remove all stains, using the familiarly embarrassing left-biro-in-shirt-pocket-stain. Though in this example the ink stain has formed into an appropriately festive christmas tree shape. Consumers will now be able to enjoy a truly White Christmas.

Picture: Courtesy of

AB InBev

Designer: AB InBev

Description: American Belgium-domiciled multinational drink and brewing company use this simple, mouth-watering image of an overbrimming pint but with a drip that likens its head to Santas hat.

Picture: AB InBev


Designer: Abesalom Kavelashvili

Description: ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Beer’ – The punny tag line accompanied by a christmas tree like hop and pint dreg bubbles showcases the freshness and deliciousness of the beer with a christmassy twist. 


Almere Vandaag Newspaper

Designer: Almere Vandaag

Description: Readers of the Almere Vandaag got an extra present. This free morning newspaper for all people of Almere gives in attention of this festivity an origami Christmas tree ball to make directly from the paper. Providing a handy 2-steps folding instruction, the sardonic tone of the ‘gift’ makes it very funny.

Picture: Almere Vandaag


Designer: JWT Dubai

Description: Even Santa needs a break – especially the day after Christmas. Have a break. Have a KitKat. All you need is a comfortable red armchair, a light stand and somewhere to put your beard away.

Day After Xmas was developed at JWT Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2006, by executive creative director Chafic Haddad, art director Nizar Swailem, copywriter Ash Chagla, account director Priya Masand and photographer Tejal Patni.

Picture: JWT Dubai


Designer: Ogilvy

Description: Simple, evoking familiar scenes of frosty cars with an instantly recognisable car badge representing a snow adorned christmas tree.

Picture: Citroën

We hope that you were inspired by some of the creative christmas campaigns we have featured. It’s not too late to contact us regarding a creative ad campaign you have in mind!

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